Albany Park HOA 

General Association Questions

How much are association annual dues?
Annual dues are currently set at $200 per year and are expected to remain relatively stable.
What do my dues pay for?
The majority of the dues go toward landscaping of all common areas including along Dublin-Granville Rd, James Bay median, Bosk pond, and the green space, as well as the maintenance of the association facilities and fences.

In addition, it funds the newsletters, website, social events as well as the utilities, insurance and all administrative costs (including postage and other operating supplies) incurred by the association. In addition, we have a limited snow removal contract that is used as needed when we get heavy storms.

What happens if the association is abolished?
In the event that the homeowners association is abolished, control of the finances is turned over to a third party who will oversee maintenance and ensure that the restrictions in the special warranty deed are enforced. The third party administrator will still charge you a maintenance fee, and you will still have to get approvals for things such as decks and patios. Essentially, you will have all of the responsibilities and none of the privileges associated with the association.
What if I don't want to pay my annual dues?
Dues are mandatory and necessary for the continued operation of the association and all maintenance and upkeep.
Homeowners who do not pay association dues on time risk having liens placed on their property.

Lawn Standards, Maintenance and Upkeep

What are the approved paint colors for doors and shutters?
Before you repaint or replace, please be aware of these restrictions:

New, approved shutters are available through APCO Industries, 777 Michigan Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215, (614)224-3186. These may or may not be available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's.

If replacements are needed, order Atlantic Premium brand, Classic Collection shutters in the 'standard' style in the following colors:

  • 002 Black
  • 018 Tuxedo Gray
  • 122 Midnight Green
  • 166 Midnight Blue
  • 167 Bordeaux (in the red family)

Paint colors key off the color of the shutters, and matching paint of the same name is available at Pittsburgh Paints, the paint supplier for Dominion Homes. The closest Pittsburgh Paints location is 5548 North Hamilton Road (in front of the Preserve).

Please use flat paints for shutters, house trim, and mailbox pole. Should you decide to paint shutters, a bonding agent such as E-B Emulsa-Bond should be added to ensure proper adhesion. Semi-gloss paint is recommended for front door. Shutters and door must match in color.
NOTE: It may be easier and less expensive and/or time consuming to obtain replacements, using the same style vinyl shutters.
What are the requirements for my lawn upkeep?

Lawn Maintenance Standards (updated in 2017)

  1. Lawns must be kept healthy, green and reasonably free of weeds and pet waste.
  2. Bare patches in lawns must be repaired with the same, or similar, seed or sod in a prompt manner.
  3. Lawns must be kept mowed and edged with grass not to exceed eight inches in height.
  4. All grass clippings or other yard waste must be removed from sidewalk and driveway areas after mowing or other yard work.
  5. Yard waste bags may not be placed on the curb for pickup until the day prior to collection day.
  6. Remove any dead trees (with the exception of street trees), shrubs or flowers.
  7. Sidewalks must be edged and any invasive grass/noxious weeds to be treated with chemicals or otherwise removed to maintain a neat appearance.
  8. Flowers, planters and/or garden beds must be maintained and kept reasonably free of weeds. Additionally, beds must be edged and maintained with adequate hardwood mulch or other appropriate covering such as decorative stone, cocoa shells, pine needles, etc., to maintain a neat and distinctive appearance separate from the remainder of the lawn. Red mulch and lava rocks are discouraged.
  9. Please keep street trees trimmed so they do not interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalk. A minimum clearance of 6 ½ feet is suggested. You can contact the City of Columbus 311 line and put in a request for them to prune the tree. You can dial 311 from a landline or 614-645-3111. You can also visit
  10. If your street tree is dead or dying, please contact the City of Columbus 311 to report it.


What is the approved paint color for my Mailbox?
In regards to paint color for the mailboxes, the Special Warranty Deed only references standard green. The replacement mailboxes that have used in the past have been referenced as Hartford Green or Hunter Green. Either of those should suffice.

Where should I get a new Mailbox?

The approved mailboxes are Gibraltar Mailboxes - Elite Medium, Steel, Post Mount Mailbox, Green Model #E1100G00. You can find more information on their website here, which includes a BUY NOW link to retailers like Ace, Home Depot and Lowe's. The association no longer keeps them in stock.

Garage Doors
Garage doors need to be painted white for uniformity within the subdivision.  Prior to painting your garage door or changing it you will need to supply the DRB with the color and design of the door for approval, unless it’s an exact replacement.

What is the approved roof / shingle color?
The color of roofs on all residences within the Property shall be weathered wood.

Cement Driveways
Cement driveways are now permitted as long as you provide an engineering plan to the DRB ahead of time for approval prior to the start of the project. The DRB recommends that the concrete be left the natural color and sealed to help keep it clean and free of stains.
Basketball Hoops 
(freestanding) – If you have a basketball hoop on your driveway and you need to weigh it down the recommendation is that whatever is used for a weight not be torn or blocking the driveway or the mailbox. The weight at the bottom of the basketball hoop should not be split or leaking, if it is it will need to be replaced.